Our Story

In 2014, Katie Morse decided to take herself on a trip, and, following her big brother’s advice, she went to Thailand. Katie quickly discovered that while her brother exaggerated about many things—how great he was at Tae Kwan Do; how many times he had watched the Star Wars movies in a row—he had not exaggerated about the wonders of Thailand. Sure, it was beautiful and the people were nice, but what most inspired Katie was the peace, the presence, the in-the-moment-ness of the place.

One morning, Katie was standing outside of a bus station on a main road, hoping that the donut shop nearby would open soon but knowing that stores didn’t have official hours—the store opens when the owner is there to open it—and watching the traffic around her. She watched people walking in the street, bikes and bike cabs weaving around obstacles and vehicles, cars squeezing forward as space opened up. Inside a rusty blue Toyota, a man wearing a plain button-down shirt rested his wrists lightly on the steering wheel. He wasn’t able to move forward, yet he was calm, patient, expecting nothing. The strangeness of the scene, Katie realized, was that no one was beeping or honking, no one was yelling or gesturing, no one was upset or frustrated. All the people were there, moving and not moving, making room and not making room, just being in traffic.

Katie fell in love with the freedom of Thailand, the cultural comfort with just being. She discovered the phrase “sabai sabai,” meaning something like “it’s all good,” which summarized the flow she had seen and experienced in Thailand, and, conveniently, described her approach to life.

Katie did not only adore the culture. Since she has also always loved pretty things, Katie could not avoid collecting Thailand’s crafts: colorful shoulder bags with their fun fringes and clangy metal bracelets. Sharing her excitement about her trip with her family and friends, Katie talked about wanting to bring more of that culture, the relaxed, comfortable sense that everything is going to work out, to American life. She wanted to create a community, to maybe import some products, and ideally, to give back to the people of Thailand who had given her such wonderful experiences. Through connections with metalworkers in Thailand, Katie was able to turn her wonder into a new venture and start making bracelets.


Katie loved the people of Thailand and wanted to make sure that part of the project involves giving back. Every bracelet makes sure that local artisan metalworkers in Thailand have full-time jobs in their craft. Additionally, a portion of the profits will go to The Foundation for the Education of Rural Children in Thailand.



Happy, relaxed, comfortable, inner peace: “sabai”. This Thai word in its original translation is a word for contentment bliss, a joyful and tranquil state that captures the ideology of Thai culture. For the Thai people, “sabai” is a daily reminder to slow down, enjoy life, treasure every moment of life.

When we gave our company the name “Sabai Metals”, we committed to the power of that word. We are committed to joy, comfort, happiness, and treasuring every moment. We commit to “sabai” in our products, the lives of our employees, and the experiences of our beloved customers worldwide.

Sabai Metals offers handmade jewelry of the highest quality. We use the best primary metals to promote a stylish and yet peaceful lifestyle. These unique accessories act as a daily reminder for customers to live and practice “sabai”.

About Sabai Metals

Our Customers. They are independent. Care-free. Confident and yet at ease. Sabai Metals customers know exactly what they want and work hard to get it. Their style echoes their lives: excitement, fun, and simple luxuries sprinkled on top. They are a people who love music, socializing, good times, and the absolute best things in life.


Sabai Metals customers are not afraid of bold fashion statements. They are trend-setters with eclectic taste in fashion and in life. They combine classic, modern, and vintage styles in new ways. As they travel the world, experience new adventures, they bring together these influences from their journeys and share their laid-back poise with everyone they meet. Daring and colorful, yet happy and zen. Our customers are awesome!